Join us for a New Culture New Year’s Celebration at our West Virginia retreat center! We’re holding a lightly-programmed, co-created Tribal Reunion, with an awesome Year’s Eve celebration, daily ZEGG Forums, a Sensual Playspace, great food, and plenty of time for connections.

Cost: $200-$400 sliding scale, includes meals and a bunk bed – extra for more luxurious accommodations – scholarship/work trade available.

(Website URL: http://www.cfnc.us/newyear/)

This is an alcohol and drug free event – clear minds and bodies will help us connect as our true authentic selves.

Note: There will be an opportunity to review the past year and plan for the next one. If you wish to participate, please bring a device or item (i.e. Phone, tablet, journal booklet) with which you can access your calendar, Facebook, journal, or a list of key events that occurred in 2017.


“New Culture” (http://www.new-culture.org/) is about creating sustainable, rich, intimate personal relationships, along with a sustainable world to enjoy them in, based on transparency, delight, freedom, and community. In order to create New Culture in our lives and in the larger society, we put on events that help us develop the skills we need to make that real, including communication, self-knowledge, presence, conflict resolution, and effective activism.


We envision that most people will arrive on Fri. 12/29 (event starts with dinner), Sat. 12/30, or Sun. 12/31 in time for dinner and the New Year’s celebration – however, it’s possible to arrive on Sunday as well. If you’re new to New Culture, we strongly encourage you to arrive by 6 PM on 12/29 so you can get acquainted with the group and the culture.


Abrams Creek Center (http://www.abramscreek.com/) in Mount Storm, West Virginia (about 2.5 hours drive west of Washington, DC). Directions are available at http://www.abramscreek.com/directions.html.

Abrams Creek is sometimes affected by winter weather; we suggest planning to arrive during daytime hours if possible and watching the weather. West Virginia road conditions are available here: http://www.transportation.wv.gov/highways/traffic/Pages/roadconditions.aspx


The site has a beautiful 4000 square foot lodge, plus a number of cottages, rustic cabins and tent sites. We also have a motel 3 miles up the road. Camping and a bunk bed in a shared room are included in the registration fee. Larger beds and private spaces are available for extra cost. Note: we don’t recommend camping unless you are an experienced winter camper!


The suggested donation is $200-$400 sliding scale (includes meals and bunk bed). If making a contribution in dollars presents a barrier for your joining us, we may be able to make arrangements for another kind of contribution; please contact us about this at info@cfnc.us as soon as possible. Please do contribute as high on the scale as possible – this allows us to fund scholarships for those who need it!


Meals will be delicious, healthy, vegetarian food with a vegan option; we will also serve fish at times during the retreat. Let us know of any special diet needs (including vegetarian or vegan) in the registration form. We’ll ask folks to help out with food preparation and clean-up at the event. If you would like to be “lead cook” for a meal or otherwise help with planning, please let us know.


All participants must register in advance. If this is your first New Culture event, we’ll want to talk with you briefly beforehand about what to expect. If you did not pre-register but realize that you can attend at the last minute, give us a call (304-446-5383 or 703-798-0575) to see if there’s space for you. Directions will be sent once you register.

Registering by December 23, 2017 will help us plan food for the retreat.

We hope to see you for New Years! For more information, write to info@cfnc.us, call 703-798-0575, or visit us at http://www.cfnc.us/, or http://www.facebook.com/CenterForANewCulture !