*Will be modified and sent to attendees three weeks before camp.*

We are committed to making this event safe and connecting. We will establish guidelines based on the latest information from the CDC and other major health agencies worldwide, as well as our own extensive research. As new information comes available, we will modify the guidelines as needed to ensure a high level of safety as well as the greatest freedom to connect for all concerned. We will also provide for different levels of safety for people with differing needs. 

Everyone attending camp is required to be fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated means 14 days have passed since your second mRNA shot or 30 days have passed since receiving a single dose vaccine (such as J&J). All participants will need to submit proof of vaccination at least one week prior to camp.

We recommend, but do not require, that if a person has received the J&J vaccine, they get a shot of either Moderna or Pfizer. These combinations are still being studied, but preliminary results show no downside, and an improvement in overall protection.

We require everyone attending this camp to take a RT-PCR COVID test on Wed 8/4, Thurs 8/5, or Fri 8/6, and to document a negative result on or before arrival at camp. Please be aware that while the original tests were painful, the current tests are just as accurate, but involve nothing more than a self-administered nose swab or something equally simple and comfortable.

You have two options for this test:
1. You can get tested before you arrive. You may arrange the test on your own. We can also help you arrange a test; in most places, there are many no-cost and relatively convenient options for getting tested. In this case, you will need to provide documentation of the results of this test on or before arrival at camp. Acceptable documentation is: a screenshot or PDF of your digital test results, where your name is clearly visible alongside the results, OR a printed copy of your results brought with you to camp.

2. You may take a test on arrival at camp. You’ll need to pay our cost for the test, currently $50, though we hope that cost will be less by the time camp starts. The test will take approximately 20 minutes to give results.
We will need to know by 07/15 whether you want to take the test on arrival so that we can purchase enough tests.

People arriving without a documented negative test OR prior arrangement to be tested onsite will not be admitted to camp.

Everyone attending will take a second rapid RT-PCR test onsite on Mon 8/9. The cost of this test is included in your registration. Anyone who tests positive will be asked to leave and their registration will be refunded, in full.

Masks & Distancing:
For the first 3 days, everyone attending this camp will be required to socially distance (3-6 feet) from anyone not within their pre-existing “pod.” (i.e. people you were already isolating with) During indoor group activities (if any) everyone will be required to wear masks. Outdoor activities do not require masking, unless you are likely to be within 3 feet of other people for more than a moment. Activities in the dome(s) during the first three days will be heavily ventilated, and will be treated as outdoor activities. If the dome(s) cannot be adequately ventilated due to weather, they will be treated as “indoor” space(s) and masks will be required. All people who cook for the group, including our hired cook(s), will wear N95 masks while in the kitchen for the first three days. The kitchen will also be heavily ventilated.

On day three (08/09), presuming that all on-site tests return negative results, we will drop social distancing and masking requirements for the remainder of camp. We will have a grand unmasking, in celebration of the rest of our time together. After the unmasking, we will continue to use heavy ventilation in the dome(s) whenever practical.

Prior Isolation:
We request that everyone restrict their possible exposures for 3-5 days leading up to camp, but this is not required. Restricting exposure means maintaining 6 feet of distance and wearing a mask when in the vicinity of any non-vaccinated people, AND avoiding indoor interactions with anyone who is not 1) fully vaccinated or 2) isolating in this way. For those with single dose vaccines (such as J&J) we strongly recommend this prior isolation period and/or receiving at least one dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine prior to camp.
Traveling by plane is not considered breaking this isolation, so long as you remain masked and maintain 6 feet of distance in the airports, and stay masked during the plane ride. (A suggestion to protect yourself further is to aim the overhead air nozzle *between* you and anyone next to you who has not been isolating with you.)

Indoor Accommodations:
Tenting is encouraged. Lodge rooms will not be available. Attendees will only be able to rent entire cabins, not individual cabin beds (as in prior years); ideally, only people who are already “podded” would stay in the same cabin. Motel rooms may also be available. We can purchase and set up camping gear for you if you desire, for a small fee.

Ongoing Comfortability (Wristbands):
After the unmasking, we will offer wristbands to participants that will communicate what level of contact they are comfortable with. The wristbands will mean

  • No wristband – Please follow general camp guidelines.
  • Red wristband – Please maintain 6 ft. of distance at all times and wear a mask when interacting with me.
  • Yellow wristband – Please wear a mask when interacting with me.
  • Blue wristband – Please ask me before coming within 6 feet of me.

We welcome suggestions and questions to make this a safe, delightful experience for all. Please email us at

*Protocols subject to revision in the event of major changes in the COVID-19 pandemic – Full refunds will be given for any COVID-19 related cancelations.*