Our new online Karma Yoga signup is open for all registered campers!  Please be sure to read this letter before filling out the form.  There is lots of information here telling you how it’s all going to work and hopefully answering your questions.  You can direct additional questions to Debby at karmayoga@cfnc.us.  If you haven't yet registered for camp.  Please do that first at http://cfnc.us/registration.html


*** The KARMA YOGA REQUEST FORM LINK is:  http://goo.gl/forms/hQtvrETWafQ6Z9lG2


The Sanskrit phrase “Karma Yoga” means (more or less) the spiritual path of community service; we use this phrase to refer to our shared work.  Summer Camp is a co-created community experience where everyonecontributes to the work that needs to be done to prepare meals, tidy community areas, clean up after meals, and so on.  We are creating this camp together! 


Karma Yoga sign-up will take place from June 8 through June 30 and requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis, so please sign up early!  After June 8, everyone who registers for camp will be sent a link to the Karma Yoga Request Form where you can request your first or second choice shifts or some of the special jobs we need to have filled.   Technically you can still sign up for Karma Yoga after June 30, but you’ll be less likely to get the choices you want.

You will find out which shifts you have when you arrive at camp. This will be quite a project to sort through the data so PLEASE do not ask when you can see what shifts you have.

PLEASE DO review the Summer Camp schedule at http://www.cfnc.us/schedule.html before signing up so you know what scheduled activities you might be missing.


Most of the jobs involve preparing the food and cleaning up after meals.  We ask that only people with at least minimal comfort and experience in the kitchen sign up for kitchen prep shifts.

There are other jobs available that involve cleaning up spaces, spending time with kids, and some jobs that involve taking on a leadership role or responsibility.  You can find detailed job descriptions at the end of this letter. 


To make this work, we need campers to contribute an average of 10 hours per week during their time at camp.  For the last couple of years we’ve experimented with offering sliding scale hours.  So people who really love contributing to the details of making camp happen can contribute more hours- 11, 12, 13 or even more than that.  Others who know they contribute more on their own or who have lower energy for these kinds of tasks could choose to contribute only 8 or 9 hours.

Please take a moment to check in with yourself before making a decision about how many hours you are signing up for.  Many people find that their time in the kitchen, or with the children are some of their most precious memories at camp and would not trade them for any workshop or scheduled event.  If we have too few people to cover all the shifts, we may ask for people to sign up for additional hours at camp.


Floater hours are Karma Yoga hours that are available for unexpected tasks like a repair job or cleaning project, setting up a new space, driving a presenter to or from the airport, or substituting for a sick camper’s kitchen shift.  You can indicate your interest in having floater hours on the Karma Yoga Request Form.  We will ask all campers with floater hours to fill out a floater profile survey where we can get more familiar with your skills and abilities.


The young people's program serves kids of many ages who come to camp. We offer varied opportunities from kid-focused workshops, to crafts and toys to play with, to games, creek walks, swimming, and lots of free play depending on their interests and choices each day.  Campers we know well, and/or campers with professional experience with kids can indicate their interest in working with the young people for their Karma Yoga contribution.


Everyone will be able to contribute.  If you have a special circumstance or other need/limitation/requirement/etc in regards to your Karma Yoga participation - please let us know in the comments section of the Karma Yoga request form.


We do not require presenters to take part in Karma Yoga since we know you are already contributing to camp by preparing for and presenting your material and contributing to campers in many ways outside of your official presentation.  You are welcome to participate in Karma Yoga a little bit, a lot, or not at all as you choose.


Yes. Choose your shift wisely based on the schedule to lessen the chance you will need a trade. But stuff comes up and things change. There will be an opportunity at orientation and at morning circle each day to ask for a trade if you need it.


We will be sending out an email with a link to the Karma Yoga request form at that time. Please do not make Karma Yoga requests before then.

Looking forward to creating with you,

Read on to find out more about some of the special jobs we will need help with.  Kitchen prep and clean shifts are mostly self-explanatory and not described here. Kitchen managers, cooks, and clean-up coordinators will help orient you to the kitchen and to the tasks that need to be done when you show up for your shifts.  All of the special jobs listed below are full Karma Yoga positions (10 hours) unless specified.  While we generally don’t ask people with worktrade arrangements to work extra hours at camp, there are a few jobs that necessitate extra hours and are exceptions.  These are also noted clearly.

Kitchen co-manager- This job is a worktrade position.  Kitchen Managers usually come a few days ahead of time to set up the kitchen and organize the food and supplies.  During camp, kitchen managers work closely with the head chef to keep the kitchen and food supplies organized, find solutions to problems that arise, let camp organizers know about food or supplies that run low, work with campers that have food-related issues or concerns, and show up at the start of meal prep shifts to make sure everything is going ok and that the prep team shows up on time.  There are always two people in this position so don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone.

Cook's assistant- This is a worktrade position for experienced cooks.  You will be working on one lunch or dinner shift per day, assisting the head chef in whatever way they would like skilled assistance for that meal.

Night prep manager- The night prep manager gets the prep list from the head chef during the day, and manages the night prep team at night (10:30-12:00).  We will have multiple night prep managers so you will not be working every night.

Breakfast Head Cook- The breakfast head cook manages the preparation of breakfast for the camp.  This could be as simple as preparing scrambled eggs and putting out cereal, etc. or you may use your creativity to create other dishes for campers if you desire.  If you are interested in this job, we will be in touch with you ahead of time to make sure we know what ingredients you will need.

Clean-up Manager- The cleanup manager makes sure that each cleanup coordinator understands how the cleanup shifts works and helps them train their crew.  The cleanup manager will coordinate with camp organizers to suggest and implement any changes as camp goes along.

Young Peoples' Program Manager- The Young People’s program manager will coordinate with camp organizers about the spaces and materials available for young people and are encouraged to come up with and implement your own vision for the program.  At camp, you will make sure that shifts are covered and help coordinate meetings between the kids, Karma Yoga volunteers and parents as needed.

Admin Assistance- If you are good with computer work, paperwork, printing, copying, and managing details, we’d love your help with registration, karma yoga, housing assignments, preparing evaluations, and other administrative needs.

Temple Coordinator- The temple coordinator heads up the beautification of the temple and takes the lead organizing the temple tenders.  The temple coordinator may take some shifts as Temple Tender as needed.

Temple Tenders- Temple tenders clean up the temple each morning, including gathering up and washing used sheets, straightening mattresses, cleaning up debris, and making sure there are clean sheets and supplies ready to go for the day.

Costume Tent Manager- Primarily, this job is all about keeping the costume tent tidy- hanging things up, keeping used items separate and possibly doing some laundry if costumes are heavily used.  It is optional but really fun when the person in this job also enjoys being present before events when people like to dress up (the auction, dances, cabaret, etc) and functions as a costume advisor to those who enjoy the help.

Snack Table Manager- Coordinates with the kitchen managers to keep the snack table supplied, the snack fridge organized and also keeps snack table area dishes washed and organized.

Lodge Clean Manager- Most of the time, we’ll be using the dome and outdoor spaces, but the lodge living room, kitchen and bathrooms will get occasional use throughout camp.  Once a day, we need someone to tidy the living room, wipe kitchen counters, wash stray dishes, sweep floors, wipe bathroom counters and resupply toilet paper, soap, towels, etc.  It’s a big job but everything doesn’t need to be done every day- notice what needs most attention and focus there.  This is a great job for someone that can pace themselves.

Shower House Manager- Once a day the shower house manager gives some love to the shower house:  mopping floors, wiping counters, replacing soap and moving personal items to appropriate hooks and shelving.  Camp organizers will be available at the beginning of camp to orient you.

Check Potties/Handwashing (5 hours)- This job should take about a half hour per day.  You will check the various port-o-potties around camp to make sure there is adequate toilet paper and to report any problems (potties get professionally cleaned every few days).  Also replace water and soap at handwash stations as needed. 

Clean dome (5 hours)- For early risers:  you will straighten backjacks and chairs and vacuum the carpets in the dome before the first program starts.  Usually the window for this is between 8 and 8:30 depending on whether we have early morning programs.

Timekeeping (5 hours)- Two timekeepers will divide up this task for the duration of camp.  When you are *on*, you will keep track of time (or set an alarm for yourself) to let campers know when it is 10 minutes before a meal or workshop and when a workshop is about to start.  Please only sign up for this position if you are good at and enjoy tracking time and will be bringing your own timepiece and /or alarm.  A loud voice is helpful since we don’t always have a loud conch, gong or bell.

Auction Coordinator (5 hours)- A lot of details go into making the auction happen.  As the auction coordinator, you will need to set up a space to collect auction items, make sure there are auction forms to go along with each item, encourage campers to come up with services to donate, and collect payments before the end of camp.  On the night of the auction you will help set up the auction space, move the items to the dome and back again and manage the logistics during the evening.