Imagine a community of loving people who care about each other and the Earth.

Discover relationships that are both heartful and free.

Step into your own power to build a joyful life and a world that works, in every way, for everyone.

We work to create a non-violent, welcoming space for all humans, including BIPoC and queer, trans, polyamorous, disabled, or neurodiverse folks of all ages and backgrounds.

New Culture comes out of examining every aspect of our existing cultures and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love and freedom, rather than fear and violence.

In our explorations, we have looked at everything from inner aspects of one’s self-experience to global consequences of our societal choices. Some areas we have focused on include: methods of dealing with painful emotional reactions; developing healthy boundaries; conflict resolution skills; alternative models of family, community and “tribe”; improving communication across gender, ethnic, and racial lines; acceptance of neurodiversity and diverse mental experiences; freedom in sexual and loving connections; reducing consumption and global impact of our lifestyles; living in healthy relationship to children; making sustainable choices around food and diet; organizing to create local, regional, and global change. We look forward to future explorations in these areas and others, such as the aging and dying process; money and our relationships to it; disability and “normality”; social entrepreneurship as a means for social change, etc.

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