Spring Camp 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

New Culture Spring Camp is CREATIVITY CAMP!

May 15-19, 2020 . Mount Storm, WV

Ideas! Visions! Art! Dance! Music! Spoken word!

What’s inside you, just waiting to pour out?

Maybe you live and breathe creative expression …

Maybe you’ve always wanted to let loose and create …

Maybe you want to bring more juice and flow into your life …

If so, join us at New Culture Spring Camp!

Along with New Culture community and intimacy-building practices, like connection games, Going Deeper, and daily community Forums…

Mornings will feature workshops that help us find our creative voice and vision.

Every afternoon we’ll break into creativity focus groups: music, drawing, dance, singing, poetry, ritual, innovation, etc.
You can stay with one group or choose a different art each day!

Evenings and the last day will have space for sharing our creations.

All in a supportive community, with plenty of time for cuddles (if you want them), conversations, and connections!


Are you ready to take the leap?


$395-$645 – Fees are on a sliding scale. Any money received above and beyond our basic cost will go towards a scholarship fund for lower income individuals and the improvement of this and future Camps. We ask you to pay as high on the scale as you can reasonably afford.

Register before April 14th and receive a $45 early bird credit!

There are scholarship funds available for those truly in need. If you want to be at camp, we want to have you here! Register here, fill out a financial assistance form here, and we’ll contact you to work out a win/win.

The registration fee covers all workshops, events, campsite, and all meals shown on the schedule. Every all-natural meal will have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and non-dairy options, and we can accommodate most other special dietary needs as well.

Indoor accommodations available from $70 per person for the entire event. More information on what accommodations are available can be found on the “Register” page

More Info:

At Spring Camp, we live, work, learn and play together up to 5 days or more in a rustic woods-and-water setting. Hang out around a bonfire, enjoy a song circle, cuddle up at a snuggle party, learn skills to make your relationships richer and more satisfying, and build connections with others that last all year long!

Camp takes place at a private campground / retreat center with a wild, whitewater stream alongside, about 2.5 hours west of the Washington DC area and 2.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh. Indoor accommodations are available starting at $70 for the whole event.

The Goals:

Making new connections. Deepening our existing relationships. Gaining relationship skills and personal empowerment techniques. Building our soul community that stays with us all year long. Many participants can expect to wind up connected with other participants on an ongoing basis, through e-lists, frequent gatherings, personal relationships, and joint projects.

What is Unique About New Culture Spring Camp?

The Wisdom of the Community

We have an eclectic yet integrated approach to creating an environment that allows each person to thrive. We bring in top-notch presenters who share a wide range of tools, techniques, and insights for dealing with all aspects of relationships, sexuality, and self-integration. The result is that our participants have a huge pool of technologies and practices to draw from. Each person is fully “at choice” in any of our events, and each person is free to use the insights and practices that work best for them.


There’s Time to Get to Know Each Other

Not just another superficial meet-and-greet, Spring Camp is 5 days long so that there is time for real connections to be made, and real interactions that create a basis for ongoing connections after the retreat as well. Of course, intimate connections sometimes have their challenges. The program offers new tools and skills training that help those connections reach their full potential, with support available from experienced team members.


Only One Workshop at a Time

There is none of the scattered energy that many events have. For most of the retreat, there is one workshop at a time, chosen for its critical value for virtually all campers, led by a nationally known facilitator. Those who choose to go to a workshop will have new skills and experiences shared with most of the other participants, building the context for ongoing relationships and adding to the common context available to all campers. Our afternoon breakout creativity groups are the exception to this practice – we will come together in the evenings and at the end to share what we have created.


Group Practices Supporting Transparency and Understanding

Most of these are created and facilitated by participants. We have morning whole group check-ins, afternoon community circles, and one on one support whenever you need it. And of course, everything is optional– you are fully “at choice” about your attendance and/or participation in any activity or workshop.