New Culture Spring Camp 2019:
The Heart of Knowing

Spring Camp 2020 Program Coming Soon!

Strengthen Inner Wisdom, Shed Unhealthy Conditioning, & Up-level Decision-making


Orientation & Who Got To Be Right? – Dawson Driver, Friday 7:30pm

We all received childhood messages about who was entitled to know things and who wasn’t.  “Father knows best” …. “children should be seen and not heard” … these messages often reflected and enforced lines of societal power and privilege.  As a foundation for our journey into Knowing, we’ll explore, unpack, and release these early messages.


Opening Circle & Culture Creation – Presenter Team, Saturday 9:30am

Here we will deepen the cultural foundation for our time together.  We will discuss our intentions for the event, meet & connect with our “pods” or family groups, and make space for all the wondrous things that camp may bring!

Boundaries – Knowing What’s Right For Me – Sarah Taub & Indigo Dawn, Saturday 11am

In our culture of love and freedom, it’s essential for everyone to develop clear boundaries – the ability to say “yes” to what we want and “no” to what we don’t want.  Today’s session will focus on tapping clear internal body-centered wisdom: what does a “yes” feel like inside me? What does a “no” feel like? This practice will serve us well in both sensual and non-sensual contexts, helping us find the “sweet spot” of mutually desired connection that is available with each person.

Seeing Through Stories – Harold Kornylak, Saturday 2:30pm

The mind is a story-making machine – sometimes our stories are good matches to the “outside world” and sometimes they are really bad matches and guide us to disastrous actions – for example, imagining that our partner is mad at us when really they are just tired.  In this session, we’ll practice investigating how good the match is between story and reality … and we’ll see that even the best story is still a mind-generated shadow of “what is”.

Intuitive Movement – Indigo Dawn, Saturday 7:30pm

There is a deep body-based knowing that comes from following intuitive impulses to move … let’s wait in stillness for the impulse to emerge and see where it takes us!

EroSpace Intro – Sarah Taub & Dawson Driver, 8:15pm

The EroSpace is a warm and inviting space to explore Connection & Intimacy by engaging all of the senses. This is a space to lounge together after spending the day learning communication and intimacy tools – the perfect place to practice communication and share affection in a relaxed and sex positive atmosphere. We will give an introduction to the space and ask past participants to share about their EroSpace experiences at past camps.

EroSpace Opening – Sarah Taub & Harold Kornylak, 9:30pm

After the EroSpace Orientation, those who wish will proceed to the EroSpace for its official opening. All are invited to explore the EroSpace – the opening activities will be sensual but nonsexual, and there will be a clear transition when the space becomes open for sexual connection.


Dropping Concepts Meditation – Harold Kornylak, Sunday 10am

Building on yesterday’s experience of seeing how the mind can generate wild imaginative stories from data presented by the senses, this morning we will practice dropping all concepts and connecting with reality raw and without filters.  Buddhist practitioners refer to this as “bare attention” – adding nothing at all to what the senses take in – being present, interested, and creating no stories.

Science and YOU! – Sarah Taub, Sunday 11:15am

The great virtue of science is humility – testing one’s ideas and being willing to be wrong.  Can we let the world surprise us? Are we willing to let go of our most cherished ideas, if evidence disproves them?  How can we cultivate curiosity and wonder in our lives?

Cognitive Illusions Lab – Michael Rios, Sunday 2:30pm

Most of us have seen optical illusions, where our eyes play tricks on us and we see things that aren’t really there.  It turns out that our thought processes create “cognitive illusions” too – we are prone to jumping to incorrect conclusions and missing things that are “right there”.  In this interactive and fun session, we’ll get to know illusions such as “confirmation bias”, “the backfire effect”, and more, and see how they impact our lives and choices.

Building Our Love Field – Indigo Dawn, Sunday 5pm

After all that science and inquiry, let’s come into our hearts and connect.  We’ve seen our cognitive imperfections – can we love each other as fellow humans?

EroSpace: Research & Development Party  – Harold Kornylak & Sarah Taub, Sunday 9:30pm

Bring your spirit of curiosity, playfulness, and fun, and “Try Something New For Science!”


New Possibilities, New Choices & Decision Lab – April Dobbs, Monday 2:30pm

What are your stories?  What do you believe? How do you decide which beliefs are useful, which ones to prioritize, which ones to discard?  We’ll spend most of the time in small groups helping each other take all the tools we’ve learned so far and apply them to deeply impactful choices that we are facing in our lives.  

Ecstatic Dance – Indigo Dawn, Monday 7:45pm

We’ve taken a deep dive, made new choices, and now it’s time to celebrate!  Move to the music and “Take Your New Self Out To Play”!

EroSpace: Dress-Up Party – April Dobbs, Monday 9:30pm

Continuing the celebration into a more sensual mode … bring your favorite sexy clothes, maybe swap with a friend to try out a new look, and “Take Your New Self Out To Play”!


Closing Circle – Tuesday 2:30pm

As our time together comes to a close, we will connect, reflect, say goodbye, and prepare to re-enter the mainstream world.  What gifts will we bring with us from Spring Camp? What will we create in our lives and communities?


Morning Circle

Every morning we’ll gather for appreciations, announcements, and connection.

Going Deeper

Over the years we’ve been building a culture that supports intimacy by teaching skills for healthy boundaries, handling painful emotions, holding space for others’ process, and so on. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. When the need arises to give difficult feedback or address something that’s getting in the way of getting close to another person, many times we still let it go, not wanting to ruin a happy moment or create a rift. But in reality, we’re keeping ourselves from intimacy when we could have it. When we’re willing to tell another person what’s keeping us from getting closer, we actually get closer.

In the “Going Deeper” spaces, we’ll have a chance to share difficult truths, intimate appreciations, and vulnerable parts or ourselves. Let’s get beyond this kind of sharing being an extraordinary experience, to where it’s an ordinary everyday thing. Every day we deepen our connections.

ZEGG Forum

We’ll be using the ZEGG Forum daily to bring out what’s under the surface in our community.  Forum ( was created at ZEGG, an intentional community in Germany, and its sister communities as a way of promoting transparency and mutual understanding among community members.

The goal of Forum is to reveal what is alive but not known to all.  The community sits in a circle, forming a stage for one person at a time to stand and show what is true for them.  Facilitators may assist the person (or “presenter”) to reveal themselves more deeply. Afterward, community members may offer reflections, or “mirrors,” on what they saw.

One of the gifts of ZEGG Forum is that it allows us a space to appreciate every perspective without taking it on as “truth.” Every voice has its own poignancy, its own wisdom, its own truth, that does not negate the wisdom and truth of other perspectives. Allowing all voices to surface and be known can lead to a profound and unexpected integration within a community. We tend to think that events leading to painful experiences and conflicts are bad, because they feel bad in the moment. However, when we open ourselves and compassionately witness what is happening for everyone, these experiences can be gateways to greater closeness, understanding, and love. When conflict emerges, whether or not we are in a formal Forum space, we can choose to listen in this way.  This deep listening sustains and nurtures community life and relationships.

Connection Pods

These small groups meet daily so that people can share experiences and support each other.