Allegheny Crest Intentional Village:

The goal of Allegheny Crest Intentional Village is the creation of a consciously designed culture based on the principals of New Culture, which can support many of the changes that are needed for the survival of our species (and minimizing the destruction we are wreaking on other species and the Earth). There is no single vision behind this process; it is entirely a grassroots development, and is based in experimentation and cooperative learning.

The most immediate tool for this is the manifestation of a strongly connected network of people who share many values and experiences. Some of these people already live in intentional community, and others consider themselves part of an extended non-residential intentional community. Over the last decade or so, we have been developing and practicing a variety of tools that help us live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

At Allegheny Crest, we are taking yet another step in our learning and experimentation.