About Us

Network for a New Culture (NFNC) (www.nfnc.org) is an all-volunteer, grassroots network. The Summer Camps are the heart of NFNC. Since 1994, Summer Camp and New Culture have grown to include more time, more places, and more people. Smaller gatherings now happen every few weeks in many places around the country: Seattle, Washington DC, Eugene OR, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Hawaii, and more. Group houses and intentional communities have formed in many places that incorporate New Culture values and insights (New-Culture.org.)

Although NFNC is not formally organized, volunteers have created several not-for-profit corporations in the spirit of NFNC to manage the finances for major New Culture projects. The New Culture Institute handles Oregon projects, the Center for a New Culture sponsors projects on the east coast, and New Culture Northwest is active in the Seattle area. The first two corporations have been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status; others are in the process of obtaining that status.