Camper Comments about Summer Camp East

Nina V: “I have had the most amazing experience of my life! The growth has been exponential with every trigger I have experienced during Summer Camp. I so appreciate Sarah Taub and Michael Rios for making it all possible by providing their support and wisdom and guidance; by opening doors that I didn’t even know existed.”

Jim A.: “The first two days [back home] were incredible. After the freedom of summer camp, it is a bit more than discombobulating to discover that normal is not normal anymore. There are things from Summer Camp I can be out here in the world, things that work out here.” and, What was great about Summer Camp East? “The total immersion, all senses, pushing boundaries, disappearing sacred cows, being a stand for each other, taking care of each other, not allowing scapegoats, cleaning up any messes we made (physical, mental, social, spiritual), being inclusive.”

Mark Z.: “I too am finding that myriad of mundane obligations and habitual activities are distracting me from my feelings and center that Summer Camp helped me connect to. I’m so grateful for the experience, and for many new friends. I’m missing George & Mary’s cooking, and the support, love, and encouragement of the whole community.”

Thea T.: “I appreciate how welcome my children and I felt as a family. It is inspiring to me to see children lovingly integrated into the community of the New Culture!”

Rodrigo B.: “After SC I realize that many ways of “touching” (quoted since some of them don’t even involve actual contact) can be quite powerful. Eye contact, massage, or simply consciously looking at someone, or sitting somewhere with them, or holding hands, can be more powerful than I had previously realized, and more effective than anything else at times. So there you go, another SC plus.”

Sarah: “At camp this year, I let my heart open and stretch so wide, and I am grateful to you all for providing the space in which I reached a deep sense of presence and connection. Now at home, I find myself struggling to “hang on” to that presence — I’ve formed an attachment to being that way (how silly!). What’s true for me right now is that as I write these words, thinking of you all and imagining expressing my truth into the sacred space that we have created, I feel relief and gratitude and a return to presence and connection.” and “Sometimes I don’t feel any different than before camp, and I think “Oh, nothing’s happened …” and then I find myself in a familiar situation but reacting differently.”

Marc L.: “Keep doing what you are doing, This was an incredible experience; one of the most powerful in my life. Thank you.”

Leonard: “Am I glad I came to Summer Camp? More glad than I am about anything else I’ve ever decided to do.” and “Today, Tuesday July 11, has been the most wonderful day of my life. This has been the most wonderful week of my life.” and “Prior to SC, I’d never have expected to have such a huge shift so quickly. I have had tons of transformational breakthroughs but then go back to my neurotic work life(style) the next day and seemingly lose it all. But this time, I still feel almost as open as when I left camp. […]Thank you so much, every one of you, for your love, support, and inspiration that has helped me reach the place I’m now in.”

Susan C.: “I arrived fearing I might not belong and ended feeling like I did.” and “I’ve mostly kept a Summer Camp feeling of being high and open and present for the last couple of weeks. I miss everybody; I miss the group, but don’t feel like I’ve left you all behind. I am just so glad that I went; the experience connected me to an early feeling of freedom that is nice to have again – something to do with open-heartedness.”

Mary H.: “I’m doing well coming back, I feel better able to serve in my world. I even avoided a fight with my sister! […]I feel like a lot of my fear about men (and sometimes women) and their sexual neediness has been released. […]I also am finding that all kinds of other fears, which were very subtle but there, are gone. I’m feeling adventurous and open in ways i haven’t been before. […]I feel blessed for the container we built together, thank you!”

Phil M.: “What I experiened at camp was an intensified version of the toned (dumbed) down feelings that I customarily feel in my everday life. Love you all for co-creating that great space for opening vulnerablity and letting some of my pain move.”

Harold K.: “Thanks for a week of exploration and awareness and true caring for each other.”

Thia.: “The magic has continued. I can’t seem to stop smiling. I fell in love this past week with the wonderful person who fills my body. I too have been looking at all the things I need to give to myself that I look outside myself for. The old me had a hard time believing I could actually give myself all I needed. I still find places where I feel ‘I could never do that’ and then I notice how that is not true any more. Plenty of places to practice being a bigger person and living a bigger life.”

Aron H.: “Summer camp has made a big difference in my life. Thanks for being “spiritual leaders” in the vital realm of intimacy. It’s really the heart of all spirituality, I think.”

Ted H.: “I had a very powerful experience at Summer Camp. It replaces the first est 6 day course that I did in the late sixties as the best thing I have ever done. I was able to get in touch with how magnificent I am and how magnificent all of you are, and to feel my love for all of you.”

Shana: “Summer camp was so yummy! I’ve been babbling happily away to people about what an incredible time I had there.”